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As Different As I Thought


Once upon a time, in 2005, there was an utterly fantastic Lord of The Rings musical parody called Fellowship! Here’s a bit of what you missed:

GIMLI: I always thought, since I was up to there, that a high-fluten elf wouldn’t catch me if I fell.

Cause, I always thought, they were all about their hair. Their beady little eyes, and their heightened sense of smell.

They’re fancy and prancy, always talking to the trees. So full of themselves.

If you need a job done, whatever you do, please don’t go to the elves.

But this one here has changed my life. And now I’m caught.

I guess we’re not as different as I thought.

LEGOLAS: I always thought that the dwarves were just stupid.

No sense of beauty, just hair and dirt and farts.

And I heard they eat their children.

And pick their dirty dwarf teeth with the dwarf children’s dirty dwarf bones.

But we’re both here risking our lives. That can’t be all for naught.

I guess we’re not as different as I thought.

GIMLI: So your men look like women

LEGOLAS: So your women look like men. 

(it’s true)

BOTH: But now your race has got a face and the healing can begin.

Looking in your eyes I can’t remember why we fought.

I guess we’re not as different as I thought.

I guess we’re not as different as I thought.

As I thought.

As we thought.

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Disclaimers: I don’t claim to be an expert. There may be issues with my translation in word choice, in grammar, or in phonology; some are deliberate choices for the sake of poetic construct, others may be straight-up mistakes. I have tried to make my Tengwar transcription as accurate as possible to my translation; however, due to font restriction, there may be some small errors. 

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