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I’m reading the Silmarillion for the first time. 

So here some random illustrations I had in mind. I think they are a bit static/flat but whatever, It’s was done quickly just for fun. Let share love with other fans.

Sauron in wolf form VS Luthien and Huan

And Feanor with the Silmarils

Thanks Davinarfel for touch ups (Feanor’s cloths for exemple) 


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HobbitCon compilation post no.1

I love all the pictures we took, there are almost 900 of them out of which we sorted well over 250 to actually do something with so there will be many more picture posts coming in the next weeks! Enjoy. All pictures were taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise :3


  1. fuckablenerdstuff and twerkingintomirkwood as the King and Queen of Mirkwood
  2. a-very-important-dwarf and tankhera as Thorin Oakenshield
  3. adoribledwarf as Ori
  4. myself and a-very-important-dwarf and Dwalin and Thorin <3
  5. a-very-important-dwarf and yuusagi-kanda as Thorin and Thranduil
  6. a-very-important-dwarf as Thorin
  7. myself and King Thranduil
  8. me as Thranduil again, picture by froschzilla
  9. elfself as Feanorian guard Tawarien
  10. And once more with feeling, twerkingintomirkwood and fuckablenerdstuff :3

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