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So after doing this portrait of Huan and Lúthien I’m doing more Silmarillion portraits for my independent study.

I plan on doing more formal portraits of the royal family of Doriath but here’s some quick sketches and cute Melian and Thingol kissin UuU

Lúthien is actually an adult already in the sketch and I’m imagining her somewhere between 6-7 feet but her parents are damn big they just make her look like a child haha

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Industrial designer Scott Summit, of Summit ID, creates incredibly beautiful prosthetic pieces. They are created on a 3D printer, with the user’s other limbs as a point of reference, resulting in beautifully symmetric limbs.  

His philosophy of creating personal and elegant rather than mass-produced, functional pieces really shows through the grace of his work.  

Some of the more beautiful things that come out of this philosophy range from recreating a tattoo that was lost to matching a purse to looking like a piece of sport equipment: whatever is important and personal to the wearer’s life become reflected in their new prosthetic limb. 

(Listen to his Ted Talk here)

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A Victorian Lady’s finishing touch—the chatelaine. (From Wikipedia)

A chatelaine is a decorative belt hook or clasp worn at the waist with a series of chains suspended from it. Each chain is mounted with a useful household appendage such as scissors, thimble, watch, key, vinaigrette, household seal, etc.
Chatelaines were worn by many housekeepers in the 19th century and in the 16th century Dutch Republic,where they were typically used as watch chains for the most wealthy. Similar jewellery was also worn by Anglo Saxon women, as seen from the burial record, but its function is uncertain. The name chatelaine derives from the French term châtelaine

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