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The Stolen Camera Series

From left to right, in rows:

1. Castiel in Hawaii, wearing Dean’s shirt (taken by Dean)
2. Dean and Castiel, reluctant couples picture(taken by Sam)
3. Dean, discovering he likes hockey (taken by Castiel)
4.Castiel and Gabriel, in Hawaii (taken by Becky)
5. Castiel, Dean, Sam, and Bobby, in a diner; Gabriel out of shot, eyeing desserts (taken by Ellen)
6. Sam and Gabriel; Dean out of shot, complaining loudly (taken by both Gabriel and Castiel)
7. Sam, teaching Luke to swing on a broken swingset (taken by Adam and Becky)
8. Sam and Dean, discussing a case (taken by Castiel)
9. Gabriel, early morning (taken by Gabriel)

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Let’s laugh with Supernatural!


Let’s laugh with Supernatural!

Shall we get started?

Thinking while acting


“Most of the time I think things along the lines of, ‘I hope Jared doesn’t put that broomstick into my groin again during this take.’” –Misha Collins

We watch for the plot


“Every once in a while I tune in just to see what Jared looks like with his shirt off.”–Jim Beaver



“I do not want to bore you with the litany of drugs that I have used in my life.”Misha Collins

Never say never


Fan: “I have two questions for you. One is, do you like Justin Bieber?”
Mark Sheppard: “In what way?”
Fan: “My second question is, are you Team Jacob, Team Edward, or Team Person-Who-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-the-Car?”
Mark Sheppard: “These are the strangest questions I’ve ever been asked.”
Fan: “I’m a teenage girl. What’d you expect?”
Mark Sheppard: “That’s what my first wife said.”

On my little pony


“As you know, all hoofed animals are great seamstresses.” –Misha Collins

A bad day at work


“Bad days on set are when Jared doesn’t get enough food and doesn’t get to work out.” –Clif Kosterman, Jensen and Jared’s bodyguard

Too close for comfort


Richard Speight, Jr. to a fan:“This woman calls me Captain Cuddlepants.”

On his beautiful fans


“If I had a taxidermist on my staff I would have him stuff each and every one of you and mount you on my walls, in sort of lifelike, but terrifying poses.” – Misha Collins

Lovers’ quarrel


Jim Beaver, crashing Mark Sheppard’s panel: “You never call. You never write. It’s over!”
Mark Sheppard:“He always says that.”



“The geeks have inherited the earth.”–Mark Sheppard

In focus


Fan:“You look really sharp today.”
Misha:“Thank you. I’ve been blurry in the past.”

On kissing Jensen


“I felt like I was sucking on a Jolly Rancher.” –Traci Dinwiddie

What happens at karaoke stays at karaoke


Fan:“Has your backside recovered from last night?
Richard Speight, Jr.: 
“Everyone’s a winner at the ‘Supernatural’ convention! My ass has never been better. Thank you for asking.”

If you could have any superpower…


“I’d like the power to tickle from afar.” –Mark Sheppard

Prank wars


“It got so far with Misha and Jared that they actually stopped for a while, because it got to Misha being prompted to drop a concrete block on Jared’s truck. Now, that’s okay, because Jared’s truck is a piece of crap, but Misha, on the other hand, has a very nice Audi. So we had to stop it, because I guarantee that if Misha messed with Jared’s truck, Misha’s car was going through a shredder.” –Clif Kosterman, Jensen and Jared’s bodyguard

What would Misha Collins like to see happen to Castiel this season?


“Cuddling would be nice.” -Misha Collins

Preparing for a role


“Unlike some actors who shall remain nameless, Misha Collins, I read the script.”–Mark Sheppard

Fun with porn


Misha Collins, on this photo of Jared Padalecki: “I didn’t know Jared did male porn. Oh my god. Look at that.”
Fan: “I think you’re staring at that a little too long.”

On what skills Misha Collins would like to have


“That I haven’t mastered already? I can’t lick my own butt. But is that really a skill that I want to master?” -Misha Collins

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